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404 South 8th Street Suite L105
Boise, ID, 83702

Swell Artist Collective is an open studio and Art Gallery located in Boise, Idaho’s historic downtown, on the lower level of the Old Mercantile Building in The BoDo District.

By combining individual artistic practices and ideas into a common space, their mission revolves around creating a vibrant studio and gallery environment that is open to the public and intent on helping bolster the community's rapidly-growing arts culture. Swell will be host to both First Thursday and independently organized artistic events while maintaining hours of operation during which people can visit.


Swell Blog. Stories about artists and artwork from the community. Swell Artist Collective and Art Gallery, Boise, Idaho.

Kelly Knopp

Noble Hardesty


Kelly Knopp is an illustrator who has built a successful career as a graphic designer, and has been published locally and internationally in various forms; everything from beer labels and snowboards to children's books, illustrations, and apps.

Victor A. Jimenez

Noble Hardesty


Victor A. Jimenez is a representational painter primarily focused on figurative work. Inspired by an appreciation for skill and craft, he has a high regard for the beauty and history of painting. Being a native to Idaho’s deserts and small towns, isolation is a frequent theme in his work, and he’s often influenced by Science, Psychology and Philosophy, as well as the nature of the universe and the attempt to understand an existence within it.

Erin Cunningham

Noble Hardesty


Erin Cunningham is a painter and illustrator living in Boise, Idaho. An artist’s artist, she loves to create anything by hand, as long as it doesn’t involve power tools. Cunningham describes her process as vague and inconsistent, inspired by minutiae and remnant.

D'Arcy Bellamy

Noble Hardesty


D’Arcy Bellamy transforms steel pipe into abstract, kinetic sculptures. He has a unique method for creating his sculpture.  Most metal sculptors work in an additive process- combining separate elements and welding them together until the work is complete. Bellamy works in a method he calls “subtractive fabrication.” With this technique, he works much like a stone carver. 

Ed Anderson

Noble Hardesty


Ed Anderson is a contemporary fine artist and former Air Force officer transplanted to the mountains of Idaho from Minneapolis. His style has evolved from a lifetime with art and architecture. Bold lines and bright colors have come to define his compositions.


Noble Hardesty


Chelsi L. Benger is a contemporary visual artist who creates under the name BrightEye. She was born and raised in Loveland, CO where at a very young age was inspired to start drawing. This was highly influenced by her love for Looney Tunes, Disney movies and the great Colorado outdoors.

Stuart Holland

Noble Hardesty


Stuart Holland focuses on ethereal charcoal drawings, exploring a crossroads where the physical and spiritual realms overlap, a powerful place of inner stillness amidst a world of entropic chaos. These works are illuminated by philosophy, quantum physics, psychology, and psychedelics, striking a delicate balance between additive and reductive mark-making which emphasizes the stark contrasts of charcoal.

Noble Hardesty

Noble Hardesty


Straddling a fine line between fantasy and reality, Noble Hardesty’s work is an exploration of the blur in between. He’s constantly creating, driven by an indelible desire for proficiency and endlessly inspired by the verboten; tattoos, comic books, cartoons, lowbrow culture, pop culture, essentially anything that is supposed to be hands-off or taboo. His process often begins with a novel idea for a title as well as research to refine concepts into images.

Jess Tornga

Noble Hardesty


The art of Jess Tornga explores themes of mental health, emotional connection, feminism, and social justice. She works primarily as an illustrator and printmaker guided by a love of process; she explores the tactile elements of carving wood and linoleum block for printmaking, as well as the clean simplicity of digital illustration.

Jessica Tookey

Noble Hardesty


Jessica Tookey creates drawings and paintings to uplift and inspire people to see the beauty that is all around and within. An ambidextrous artist, Tookey finds inspiration in the beauty of imperfection, and has been creating all of her life - ever since she could hold a tool to make marks with.

Jessie Swimeley

Noble Hardesty


Having a camera in her hands for over 30 years, Jessie Swimeley’s brain is hardwired to find unexpected beauty, amazing color, or something totally out of place everywhere she looks. Her photography focuses on nature and how she sees the world. Flowers, landscapes, and animals of the Pacific Northwest (and beyond), all become fine art through her lens.

Katy Rogan

Noble Hardesty


Katy Rogan is a photographer and illustrator from Boise, Idaho. She works mostly with film and digital photography, capturing quiet, still moments laden with insight and reflection. Her delectable pen and watercolor illustrations are sweet yet pensive, illustrating Rogan’s propensity towards helping people feel a little bit better.

Julie Pegan

Noble Hardesty


Julie Pegan is a freelance artist from Boise, Idaho. With experience in kids book illustration, large scale mural painting, character design, poster, book and advertising material design, it is safe to say Pegan is an artist with a need to create. Her work illustrates a weird sense of humor nurtured by a childhood steeped in fantasy, whether it was literature, movies, or her own imagination.

Nancy Panganiban

Noble Hardesty


Nancy Panganiban is a painter who works primarily with acrylic or alkyd. She likes to experiment with combining materials in an unusual way. Her multifarious paintings are vibrant scenes bursting with contemplation and imagination. Each work seems to tell a mythical story of nature using vivid imagery and sensitive details. 

Jay O’leary

Noble Hardesty


Jay O’leary is a painter and tattoo artist from Boise, Idaho. His bright, elaborate paintings and drawings are replete with lurid humor and vivid grit, urging the viewer to fasten their seat belt for a fast and bumpy ride through his chromatic mind.

Miss Cay

Noble Hardesty


Miss Cay is an acrylic painter and mixed media artist from the Pacific Northwest. Balancing absurdity and frightening imagery while creating playful and lively pieces, she is constantly pushing boundaries of subject matter, color, movement, and style. She draws her influences from a lot of modern culture areas such as street art, skateboarding and heavy metal. 

Mark W. McGinnis

Noble Hardesty


Mark W. McGinnis is an artist and writer. His interdisciplinary approach to art has included paintings, artist's books, sculpture, printmaking, installation, video, performance, essays, and interviews. The research orientation of his work has led to series and projects of exploration and inquiry on a range of subjects including Neo-Modernism, Homage Still Life, Extinct Species, Buddhism, the Snake River Basin, science and philosophy, literature of India and Japan, world religions, religious elders, economics, foreign policy, nuclear weaponry, American Indian history, and explorers of the "New World."

Nicolet Laursen

Noble Hardesty


Nicolet Laursen’s imaginative paintings illustrate moments, stories, and experiences from her daily life and travels abroad, inspired by stories she has collected from those she’s met along the way. An author and illustrator of children’s books, Laursen composes character-driven narratives about friendly creatures, exploring creative concepts and building engaging stories around their adventures.

Pat Kilby

Noble Hardesty


Pat Kilby paints original oil paintings on canvas. His paintings have been called 'quirky', 'skewed' and 'cartoony' and are always unique and colorful. He paints primarily landscape and cityscape paintings of Idaho and other locations in the Pacific Northwest and western Canada.

Jaki Katz Ashford

Noble Hardesty


Jaki Katz Ashford is a painter, designer and sculptor whose talents have earned her a stellar reputation over her 35 year career. Katz Ashford’s current work reflects her love of vivid colors and dynamic storytelling, as well as her sense of humor. She continues to paint and sculpt from her studio in Boise, Idaho.