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404 South 8th Street Suite L105
Boise, ID, 83702

Swell Artist Collective is an open studio and Art Gallery located in Boise's historic downtown. Formed in November of 2015 and managed by artists Julia GreenNoble HardestyKelly Knopp, Stuart Holland, and Victor A. Jimenez, Swell is located on the lower level of the Old Mercantile Building in Boise's BoDo district. 

By combining their individual artistic practices and ideas into a common space, the five artists' mission revolves around creating a vibrant studio and gallery environment that is open to the public and intent on helping bolster the community's rapidly-growing arts culture. Swell will be host to both First Thursday and independently organized artistic events while maintaining hours of operation during which people can visit.   


Swell Artist Collective and Art Gallery // Swell Blog

32 Cells: Escape Edition Art Show #WIP

Noble Hardesty

Nancy Panganiban

Noble Hardesty


Not sure about you, but I think all of us over here at Swell would accept whatever sage advice this creature by Nancy Panganiban would give us (particularly it's favorite happy hour). 


Jay O'leary

Noble Hardesty


This piece and others by Jay O'leary are some of the tastiest eye candy we've had in awhile, feed your eyes something delicious this Monday.


Nicolet Laursen

Noble Hardesty


Nicolet Laursen's Boise trail paintings are a perfect way to enjoy the trails when you're stuck indoors.


Mike Dreher

Noble Hardesty


Mike Dreher's illustrations and digital doodles will reactivate your love of old comic book heroes and introduce you to a whole new cast of original characters created by Mike himself!


Lorelle Rau

Noble Hardesty


Lorelle Rau is a contemporary collage artist working with cut paper and appropriated imagery to explore themes of nature and human experience.


April VanDeGrift

Noble Hardesty

If you find yourself in the Linen District, check out the new artwork on the Linen District Fence. April VanDeGrift is a local painter who was inspired by encounters with enigmatic animals around Boise when creating these pieces. The artwork will be on display for one year at this location and a new call for artists for this opportunity is anticipated later in the fall!

Pat Kilby

Noble Hardesty

Pat Kilby's oil paintings can be described as "cartoony" and "skewed," these playful landscapes may have you questioning your perception of space.

Liz Flores

Noble Hardesty

Liz Flores keen eye for visual connections captured through photography is sure to puzzle you in a very good way. Explore her work and experience her playful everyday observed connections.

Amy Chadney

Noble Hardesty

Amy Chadney uses her very unique personal history to inform work which focuses on the female form to navigate themes of feminine power and beauty.