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404 South 8th Street Suite L105
Boise, ID, 83702

Swell Artist Collective is an open studio and Art Gallery located in Boise's historic downtown. Formed in November of 2015 and managed by artists Julia GreenNoble HardestyKelly Knopp, Stuart Holland, and Victor A. Jimenez, Swell is located on the lower level of the Old Mercantile Building in Boise's BoDo district. 

By combining their individual artistic practices and ideas into a common space, the five artists' mission revolves around creating a vibrant studio and gallery environment that is open to the public and intent on helping bolster the community's rapidly-growing arts culture. Swell will be host to both First Thursday and independently organized artistic events while maintaining hours of operation during which people can visit.   


Swell Artist Collective Art Prints for Sale

Kelly Knopp Art Print

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KKNO170001_animal square_lores.jpg

Kelly Knopp Art Print


Bagged and backed and ready for framing.

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Kelly Knopp is an illustrator who has built a successful career as a graphic designer, and has been published locally and internationally in various forms; everything from beer labels and snowboards to children's books, illustrations, and apps. He first realized an attraction to art as a 6th grader in Riverside, California, and soon discovered an innate talent. Armed with a keen imagination and creative skill, he developed his own style through nontraditional ways and means, guided by trial and error. Primarily working in pen and ink and digital graphic design, Knopp also has a lot of fun experimenting with murals, wood, and other medias. His process begins as a concept, often times starting with a pencil sketch. He may ink the design as well, and perhaps finish the elements digitally. Knopp’s work is strange and unexpected, inspired by the narrative of everyday life happenings and personal experiences. Knopp resides in Boise, Idaho, where he is a co-owner of Swell Artist Collective.