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Boise, ID, 83707

(208) 901-8834

Swell Artist Collective is an open studio and Art Gallery located in Boise, Idaho’s historic downtown, on the lower level of the Old Mercantile Building in The BoDo District.

By combining individual artistic practices and ideas into a common space, their mission revolves around creating a vibrant studio and gallery environment that is open to the public and intent on helping bolster the community's rapidly-growing arts culture. Swell will be host to both First Thursday and independently organized artistic events while maintaining hours of operation during which people can visit.

About Us

Swell Artist Collective. Who we are.

Welcome to Swell Artist Collective

Swell is a membership based artist collective that promotes and curates contemporary art and artists through events, gallery shows and online exposure with the purpose of strengthening Boise's growing art scene.

It’s not often that we get the chance to see our most beloved ideas come to fruition. It’s a very special thing when all the pieces come together to make something that is greater than ourselves: a community. We’ve all worked very hard to build this artist collective. We’ve watched it grow and change. Many of our artists have been with us since the beginning, others we met along the way. We’ve tried lots of things, worn lots of hats, and worked our tails off to make it all happen. Managing the bottom line while continuing to grow is a challenging task, but a rewarding one. We believe in what we do and love what we do, and that’s why we're still kicking! It’s the reason that we’ve seen such great success and outstanding community support. We offer our members really cool opportunities to engage in the local art community and get their artwork seen, while we work to streamline our business model in a way that can support both our community and our team.

We offer various services to our artists including the online contemporary art gallery with featured artist pages, invitational themed group shows, email campaigns, event listings, social media outreach and groups, and studio spaces (limited). We have no membership exclusivity clauses so artists can join more than one collective in order to increase exposure to their art. Membership dues are 100% reinvested in the business to pay a small staff, cover overhead costs like rent, utilities and supplies, as well as marketing costs and website hosting fees.

Member and Patron support is invaluable in our mission to make our community a very special place and allows us to continue to work together creating and sustaining a thriving arts community. Thank you for visiting!