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Boise, ID, 83707

(208) 901-8834

Swell Artist Collective is an open studio and Art Gallery located in Boise, Idaho’s historic downtown, on the lower level of the Old Mercantile Building in The BoDo District.

By combining individual artistic practices and ideas into a common space, their mission revolves around creating a vibrant studio and gallery environment that is open to the public and intent on helping bolster the community's rapidly-growing arts culture. Swell will be host to both First Thursday and independently organized artistic events while maintaining hours of operation during which people can visit.


Swell Blog. Stories about artists and artwork from the community. Swell Artist Collective and Art Gallery, Boise, Idaho.

Meg Kahnle

Noble Hardesty


Meg Kahnle’s mission is to create collaborative mixed-media artworks to inspire, inform and give back to the communities that help create them. As a world traveler, trained graphic designer, painter, rock climber, and passionate community-oriented person, the goal of her work is to magically combine all of those things.

Allen Gladfelter

Noble Hardesty


Allen Gladfelter draws comics to the delight of children and adults the world over. He draws comics about talking cars, space women, repo men, drunken luchadores, smart dinosaurs, homeless billionaires, ghost detectives, and intrepid ethnobotanists.

Liz Flores

Noble Hardesty


Liz Flores is a visual artist born in California and based in Boise, Idaho. She utilizes photography to explore visual connections in everyday life, architecture, and objects.

Mike F. Dreher

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Mike Dreher is a comic artist and illustrator. He lives just outside of Boise, Idaho and works in traditional and digital media. Dreher has been a regular contributor to the locally created 6X6 anthology published by Mystery House Comics.

Amy Chen

Noble Hardesty


Amy Chen is a lifelong nature lover, who is continually inspired by the outdoors, especially the things you have to get close up to see.  For her, nature acts as a lens through which she gains focus, appreciation and understanding of her life and the world around her. 

Miguel Almeida

Noble Hardesty


Miguel Almeida is a visual artist living in Boise, Idaho who enjoys telling stories through various mediums, both digital and traditional. When he’s not arting, you can usually find him skateboarding or spending time with his three-legged cat, Robert Smith.

Steve Willhite

Noble Hardesty


Steve Willhite has been a freelance cartoonist since '91 with artwork appearing in comic books, magazines, children's books and newspapers. He specializes in artwork that's a bit odd or out of the ordinary - but always fun!

John Warfel

Noble Hardesty


John Warfel creates work that engages with his clients' stories. Photography, design, illustration and video all come into play - and he thinks it's great to create for a living. He really like worms and tentacles, lightning, candy, ravens, peanut butter, and hard rock about dragons.

Sarah Terrell

Noble Hardesty


Sarah Marshall Terrell's work is energetic and eclectic in style and subject matter. While embracing grunge art, pop surrealism, and pop culture, her work remains deeply influenced by nature, travel, and all things beautiful. She finds solace in expressing herself through painting and drawing, coming back to the canvas again and again to try something new.

Tony Rios

Noble Hardesty


Tony Rios very rarely paints with an agenda, and doesn’t attempt to explain his work, he believes that art can have more than one meaning, that it is subjective and views differ from one person to the next. So he leaves it to the viewer to go away with what ever the images mean to them. Music plays an influential part in his creations, inspiring both images and concepts.

Lorelle Rau

Noble Hardesty


Lorelle Rau is a contemporary collage artist, who uses cut paper and appropriated imagery to investigate concepts ranging from nature and place to random and personal first-hand experiences. In her popular landscape series, she expresses the transformative qualities of nature, particularly the rich contours and textures of the mountains.

Samuel Paden

Noble Hardesty


"My work shifts from the interior energies of abstract figures to the outward forms of landscape. This movement reflects my artistic process and the catalyst for painting."
- Samuel Paden

James Titus McKain

Noble Hardesty


James Titus McKain's work is focused on metaphor and darker themes of the human condition, creating loose narratives for the viewer to follow. Ultimately he likes to allow the viewers to project themselves into each illustration and find their own meaning.

Bruce Maurey

Noble Hardesty


Bruce Maurey's paintings draw inspiration from his time spent living near the Mexico border. Dia de los Muertos characters are typically the focal point of his work, with vibrant colors and whimsical scenes which represent a celebration of life and death, honoring both his past and those passed.

Wil Kirkman

Noble Hardesty


Wil Kirkman’s neon glass sculptures are conduits of encased illuminated color. Inspired by the organic nature of the rare earth elements that fluoresce under ultraviolet light, his custom works fuse design, use of color and the artistic component, pushing the boundaries of neon art technology.

Patrick Kalange

Noble Hardesty


Patrick Kalange is an illustrator and bartender in Boise, Idaho. He works in almost every medium, including chalkboards. He first picked up a paintbrush at the tender age of 8 and quickly developed a love for painting, music, and sculpture.

Shelley Jund

Noble Hardesty


Shelley Jund creates art that is mysterious and dreamlike. She likes to explore dualities, and will often create works that are both ethereal and natural, ephemeral and enduring, and that combine the beautiful with unsettling aesthetics. Her work portrays living elements, reminders of mortality and an abiding spirituality.

John Irwin

Noble Hardesty



Growing into his craft over the years John Irwin has created a sense of artistic lust with advancing the details in his illustrations along with his photography and ideography. He is constantly seeking new styles and diversifying his portfolio. From fast paced night life promotional media to traveling across the world creating stories of individuals on their own journey, he has continued to expand the vision for JAIillustrated.

Robert S. Harrah

Noble Hardesty

Robert S. Harrah is an artist working in Boise, Idaho. Expressing himself in some fashion of art has been a part of his life since childhood. As a child he would use clothing to express his unique style, and found solace in sketching. He has been an award-winning tattoo artist for the past 24 years, with much notoriety in the bay area of California. His work has been featured in tattoo magazines, newspapers, television, and MTV Rock the Vote. Through vision and imagination, he is a self taught painter and freelance artist. 

Karl Henke

Noble Hardesty


Karl Henke is a visual artist born in California and living in Boise, Idaho. His work centers on photographic-based imagery involving transfer processes and typologies, and is often rational in form and focused on concepts of place and identity.